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warning lines literary publishes work by queer & trans folks, by POC, and by neurodivergent, disabled and/or otherwise marginalized authors. We especially want to hear from QTPOC, neurodivergent POC, and those multiply marginalized. Whether you belong in these categories is of course not for us to decide, but rather for each author to determine.

warning lines is satanist-adjacent, in the sense that we aim to disrupt and to defy— to tear down the world and build a new one within our pages. We are inspired and awed by works like Paradise Lost (John Milton), A Small Place (Jamaica Kincaid), the Gender Fail Reader (1, 2 and 3, by Be Oakley), and others.


We want the daring, the fiery, the introspective. We want your lachrymose lines and joyful rhymes, your pain and your ecstasy. Make readers feel and worlds burn. Give them no choice.

general guidelines


    • poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, and visual art. Unclassifiable work is also welcome, as long as it can be presented on a page. You may submit in multiple genres, but only send one submission per reading period unless invited to do otherwise.

    • Simultaneous submissions

    • Previously published work (be sure to tell us where the piece first appeared!)

    • We do accept work that includes depictions of bigotry, but this must be "own voices," as we seek to empower those outcasted by society to tell their own stories and take up the space they deserve— not speak over or for them.


    • submissions containing graphic depictions of sexual assault, or excessive/gratuitous violence.​

    • submissions which promote bigotry, including but not limited to: racism, transphobia, queerphobia, colorism, ableism, classism, antisemitism, colonialism, aphobia, etc.

    • Starting April 1 2022, we do not accept submissions from people under 18 years of age. By submitting you agree that you are aged 18+.


  • Submissions should be at least loosely related to the theme, if applicable.

  • Submitters must include content warnings for each piece, if needed. Please, always tag sexual content.

  • We reserve the right to deplatform authors who are found to display bigotry, even if it is not directly reflected in their work. This is meant to be a safe place for those of us outcasted by society.

  • We take first serial rights (or non-exclusive reprint rights for previously published work) and non-exclusive archival rights for the accepted pieces. Your work ALWAYS remains your own.

  • We lack the funds to pay an honorarium at this time, but we offer print copies at a discount for contributors.

  • We aim to respond to submissions within 1 month, but it can take up to 6 weeks sometimes.

  • Use the google forms to submit (big button below) unless you are sending an expedited submission!


  • For fiction, creative non-fiction, and essays: up to 2,500 words per piece, max 2 pieces

  • For poetry: max. 2 pages per poem, and up to 3 poems

  • For visual art: jpeg or png only, max 25MB, up to 3 pieces.

some things we love

– work that understands the world through a non-normative or even anti-normative lens!
– we tend to favor shorter pieces filled with emotion & imagery
– work about the experience of being autistic in an allistic world.
– aromantic and/or asexual points of view
– nonbinary points of view
– work about the experience of living at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities
– work that plays with space, and/or uses structure to convey meaning.
– prose poems
– burning haibuns
– flash fiction
– Miltonic satanism

48hr response

– Tip $5 to our Ko-fi here. This is for your entire submission, not per piece!

– Send your submission to our email address:

– Include a short 3rd person bio!

– Do not submit your expedited subs via the google forms, or your normal subs to our email!


(Spring): each Spring volume has a different theme, to be followed as closely or loosely as the author pleases. The Spring 2022 theme is OTHERWORLDS (subs closed, coming soon)


Adversary (Fall/Winter): our winter theme is dedicated to the figure of Satan/Lucifer, to Anarchism, Revolution, the pursuit of knowledge and freedom, and all else that the fallen angel stands for. Adversary is a continuation/expansion of FALL'N CHERUB.