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Print copy of warning lines literary's fourth volume, OTHERWORLDS, a collection of poetry, fiction, and visual art belonging to the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Featuring work by:

Ruthenium, Clem Flowers, Nicks Walker, Ami J. Sanghvi, Rachael Crosbie, A'liya Spinner, Max Turner, Ellen Huang, Ken Anderson, Sylvie Hopewell, Dwin Phillips, Lauren Theresa, Ashley Varela, Carys Crossen, Jake Morris, Adler Johnson, Elyssa Tappero, Lemmy Ya’akova , Lucy Hannah Ryan , Nickolas Rice, Avra Margariti, Freydís Moon, Scott Aaron Tait, Laura Arciniega, Emily M Goldsmith , Jacqueline Atta-Hayford, K.J. Kogon, James Parker, Sarah Malini, Max Cherniyak, Ingrid W., Vio Écija.

Cover art: "Gilded Neon Leaf" by Ruthenium

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