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2021 Best of the Net Nominations

In 2021— our first year— we nominated a few outstanding pieces from Vol. 01: NEBULOUS to the Best of the Net Anthology! Here are the pieces we selected:

  • "Split Attraction," by Ellen Huang

  • "The Ghost of Gay Children," by Sage Agee

  • "Make me a saint," by Erin McKay

  • "Here," by Taiwo Hassan

  • "the half lives of past lives mirror what we watched as children," by Whitney Hansen

  • "railway tragicomedy," by Dimasilaw

Read the nominated pieces in Volume 01!


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In 2021, we nominated a few incredible pieces of poetry and fiction for the Pushcart Prize! Find the list below: POETRY: "The Drop of Water," by Taylor Brunson (Vol. 01: NEBULOUS) "halving," by Sal Ka

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