warning lines literary  was born in April 2021, with the aspiration to become a space for the voices of those of us traditionally excluded within the publishing world, society, and history. More specificallly, warning lines aims to publish and uplift the voices of queer, trans, and neurodivergent folks—  and especially QTPOC, neurodivergent POC, and those of us multiply marginalized. 


“This world wasn’t made for me” is a sentence many of us have thought numerous times. The truth is that no matter how much one wants to disbelieve it, our current world upholds oppressive norms, and those norms lead to the marginalization of those who cannot or will not conform to them. warning lines literary's sole purpose is to add to the ever-growing corner of the universe in which people like us can express ourselves as we are. 


If this world was not built for us, then let our art act as warning lines emblazoned across the sky— as promises that we are here, that we always have been, and that we aren’t going anywhere.

We are trans, nonbinary, Latine, disabled, and immigrant-run. We are Satanist-adjacent, in the sense that we aim to disrupt and to defy— to tear down the world and build a new one within our pages. We publish poetry, fiction, non-fiction, & visual art by traditionally underrepresented and marginalized creators 1-3 times per year. See our submission calls and guidelines here.

~ the editor ~

Charles Perseus D’Aniello (he/they) is a queer and trans Costa Rican-Dominican author, editor, and self-proclaimed malcontent. He edits warning lines literary and wrote THE ONE & THE OTHER (2021), BETWEEN DEATH & FLIGHT (2022), PLACES (2022, Gutslut Press), and more. Among his hobbies are reading, arguing, collecting secondhand books at a much faster rate than he can read them, and being an utterly incomprehensible person. His work has appeared in Wrongdoing Magazine, perhappened, the winnow, The NoSleep Podcast, and others.


Charlie’s first and greatest love is Literature, and this is what inspired him both to start warning lines lit and to pursue an advanced education in literary studies. To that end, his editorial decisions and his own creative practice are often grounded upon various aspects of literary theory and cultural analysis. He hopes to continue immersing himself in all kinds of literature and through it satisfy his lifelong curiosity about the mechanisms of the self, of the world, of meaning and of truth. Currently, he is studying for an MA in Anglophone Literature at Karlstad University and other universities in Sweden, where he lives with his cat and most of his friends in a very unusual queer collective.


Some of Charlie’s favorite topics, themes, and approaches to explore are: the gothic, the Dionysian, Aesthetics (as a field of study), postmodernism, Trans Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis, queer theory, Intersectionality, Satanism (particularly Miltonic and Queer satanisms), and text as an intentional and unintentional vehicle for ideology. Because of his own experiences of oppression due to being trans, queer, Latino, multiply disabled, and an immigrant, Charlie (and therefore warning lines) highly values social and political justice, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, and all other defiances against the oppressive cisheteronormative, ableist, white supremacist systems on which the current world operates.


If you’d like to get to know more of his work, try the following (free to access):


“A Morbid Longing for the Picturesque”: The Pursuit of Beauty in Donna Tartt's The Secret History – Research paper, Södertörns Univesity via DiVA (June 2021)

She Watches Me” – Horror short story, audio adaptation by The NoSleep Podcast, (April 2021)

adhd” – poetry, perhappened, RUNNING (December 2021)

fated endings” & “sunrise” – poetry, The Midnight Mass Anthology (December 2021)

On Being Caught by ICE and Caged” – creative non-fiction, The Bitchin' Kitsch's All My Relations Vol. 2 (Feb 2022), [NOMINATED FOR BEST OF THE NET]